Invigorating one to one Yoga classes at Your Health Roots' clinic @ Kingfisher Health Club in the heart of the 4 Heatons, within easy reach of Stockport and South Manchester

What yoga treats and will help you with

We support all manner of physical issues; muscle soreness/pain, chronic issues

Yoga posture alignment

Stress management

Mental health support; helping ease anxiety and depression.

General health and wellbeing support

Accountability to a yoga routine

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How We Do It?

Through providing personal and accessible tools of self-empowerment
Self-regulation techniques
A holistic practice

Yoga FAQ's

If you have a specific or general issue that yoga could support with. If you are a beginner it can help to build confidence and familiarity with yoga content, good preparation for joining classes. If you are an advanced practitioner and looking to fine-tune your technique with step-by-step guidance to fulfil your best. If you have a pre-existing health issue yoga can provide tools and support of self-management and regulation as yoga adopts a holistic view on health and disease, looking at the ways we can help ourselves.
No, you choose. As a company we are collaborative, and in the initial consultation, we assess, discern and discuss what are the best options for you.
Something you feel comfortable in and can move in. It is worth bringing a jumper and socks for relaxation sections of the session.