Ideally located at Kingfisher Health Club, Reddish close to the 4 Heatons and within easy reach of Didsbury, Cheadle and the surrounding areas of Stockport, our highly experienced Physiotherapists treat and help clients with

Back pain

Joint pain

Muscle and ligament issues

Chronic issues e.g. OA, Fibromyalgia

Pre and post-surgery rehab

Sciatica and other nerve-related musculoskeletal problems

Chronic coaching/management

Occupational Health/job role assessments

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How We Treat It

Individual approach – listening, comprehensive assessment, discussion, reassurance and planning, agreeing your best course of action.
Practical, supervised exercise sessions and supported self-management
Comprehensive assessment and diagnosis discussion with agreed plan of action.
Tailored exercise programme via software app providing health monitoring and support.
Occupational Health support. Detailed job analysis, recommendations, reports and liaison with workplace as appropriate.

Physiotherapy FAQ's

No. We have a good relationship with local GP’s and do receive referrals from them but you can self refer for Physiotherapy.
This depends on several factors and will be discussed in detail at your first assessment. We do not see people unnecessarily which we feel is a better healthcare model albeit not perhaps the best business model.
Comfortable clothing you are happy to exercise in. We may need to expose the body part concerned so suitable attire for this. If you are concerned about this then we are happy for any chaperone of your choice to attend your appointment with you.
Initial appointments are 60 minutes and follow-ups are 45 minutes. We will discuss all aspects of your care at every stage including whether hands-on treatment is appropriate or not and the reasons why – we like to collaborate with you and let you know our clinical reasoning for treatment/rehab options so you are informed at every stage of your care.