Tailored Nutrition Consultancy at Kingfisher Health Club, clinic servicing the 4 Heatons and surrounding Stockport / South Manchester areas.


Autoimmune disorders

Health imbalances

Weight loss


Support with womens health

How We Do It?

Through open, collaborative communication
Extensive health mapping and history
Using appropriate diagnostic tools
Using best practices
Setting realistic outcomes, that are patient-centred

Nutrition FAQ's

We offer 2 main nutrition consultation types; Ayurveda and Functional Nutrition.
Ayurveda looks at nutrition through a yogic lens, it doesn’t label a disorder, rather it looks at what your original state of health is or was, where the imbalance is and give tools on how you rebalance through food and lifestyle choices. During the consultation we will work through a pulse, eye, nail, hair, tongue, skin and stool analysis. These provide us with key markers of your internal state without obtrusive examinations. Of course, if you are not comfortable with one assessment method we can work with the others. There are many markers to health so you choose. Ayurveda is ideal for those who like a more circular view on health.

A functional nutrition consultation involves assessing how you are functioning. It’s a specific and more systematic method, labelling disorders, so suited to a logical, linear thinker. External medical tests from a third party provider maybe needed but such tests, options and prices will be discussed and explained during the consultation. There is a strong focus on gut health and the microbiome, as this is the starting point of most nutrition disorders.

You won’t miss out. If we feel a different consultation or elements from another will serve you better, we will let you know. So you can’t make a wrong decision!


  • Your dosha type (essentially what you are made up of)
  • Your prakruti (your original state of health)
  • Your vikruti (current state of imbalance)
  • How to balance
  • Your personalised plan
  • Options of how to fulfil your plan, time frames and YHR support options.


  • Detailed analysis of your assessment
  • Health function test options
  • Link to tests, cost and result analysis options
  • How to help your issue
  • Your personalized plan
  • Options of how to fulfil your plan, time frames and YHR support options.
Initial consultations are 60mins, follow up sessions are 45mins.
The decision is yours. Post initial assessment you will have all the tools you need within your personal plan to assist with your imbalance. If you wish to put the protocol into action without support, then one session would be sufficient. Most clients work with us for at least 4-6weeks but some 6 months to a year. Within that time, we may have weekly email or online connection then a monthly meeting or a weekly face to face. These are all part of the collaborative bespoke journey.