We have a wealth of Physiotherapy experience and expertise gained over 20 years in elite level sport, private practice and occupational health and use all of the skills gained in these fields to suit your needs.

Getting you back to being you and doing what you love. Whether that is intensive gym fitness, hiking, team sports or being able to get through your daily tasks in a pain-free manner. Don’t let pain or discomfort stop you. Let YHR help you identify problems, set goals and work collaboratively to achieve them.

The kind of feeling Your Health Roots aim to help provide no matter what the goal (suit and tie optional).



We believe that therapeutic care that is only of use whilst you are with us, is no use at all! Simply put we want to empower you in a variety of ways to understand your problem and treat it in the best manner possible. You are in the driving seat and we are here to help. At YHR we are certain we have the skills to help guide you to your desired outcomes or appropriately refer on to other medical professionals if indicated.

Take advantage of our wonderful new clinic space at The Waterside Hotel & Leisure Club in Didsbury and allow us to rehabilitate you in the fantastic club facilities. These amazing facilities and opportunities are available to club members at a discounted rate but also open to non-members who can access these superb treatment and rehabilitation facilities via us here at Your Health Roots.

Don’t suffer in pain and discomfort, let us help you to find a solution to those musculo-skeletal aches and pains that have been stopping you being you.

We look forward to welcoming you and working with you here at YHR @ The Waterside.

The Physio Team @

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